with Jane Harlow

Encouragement to help you simplify your life and return to nature.

Please do not envision a grass hut without electricity – that is not the goal. How about if we change that picture to a financially manageable and practical home that is energy efficient? Is that more comfortable? Actually my goal is not to suggest that people move from their homes and make drastic changes. Instead, Creating Sanctuary hopes to inspire a heart change that leads to some alternative thoughts and feelings. If I can help awaken a few people to their own nature, and to a view of the earth and its environment that is grateful and respectful, then I am doing my job. When we value the earth, air, and water, we value life. When we value life we value ourselves and others.


                           do not deny what is pure, raw, wild, and free

                                      it just may be the best of you

There is no question that the pace of modern society has quickened for many. To some people that pace is fun and challenging, and for others it results in anxiety and depression if not kept in check. Do we need to keep in step with everything that is going on in the world? Is our productivity and efficiency keeping up, or is all of this multi-tasking heavily impacting quality and performance? 

Creating Sanctuary is about freedom - the freedom to be yourself – to return to your nature. In Sanctuary there is no need to compare yourself to anybody or anything. Sanctuary is a safe place where you can explore possibilities. A 'place' is not just physical - it too is a state of mind. Within this environment you can express your sensitivity, thoughts, and feelings freely. You can make the changes in your life, that you want to make, at your pace , in your own way. You can get real. I call it soulful living.

The most direct route to Sanctuary is through simplifying. The less preoccupied we are on the outside the greater the freedom on the inside. Don't worry,,, I am not going to suggest that you get rid of all of your possessions and become a minimalist. Once again, this is not about physical "stuff" - think bigger picture. As you simplify you naturally choose to reduce because what you want becomes clearer, and the other is less relevant. Simplifying is removing obstacles and cleansing yourself of anything that obstructs your freedom to be who you want to be. It is a journey to discover what really matters to you – enjoy it.

                       listen to your intuition and follow your instincts    

                                           let the wild be free                                                            

Please check out my Self-Assessment Questionnaire for something to ponder.  Do not hesitate to contact me for support.  In my pursuit to encourage simplicity,  I also provide accounting and consultation from my cottage in downtown Overland Park. Reducing financial stressors really helps get to the core of Creating Sanctuary. I continue to look for property in the Missouri Ozarks to provide space to create the physical sanctuary and natural living center.  Wishing you peace and love on your journey ....