Creating Sanctuary Body

with Kyle Askew


Our bodies are incredible.  We deserve to be treated with care and love.  I feel so grateful to have found massage bodywork as my means to support myself over the past 10+ years.  I love providing this service.  I have studied and practiced various methods of bodywork in addition to massage, including reflexology, reiki, prenatal work, cupping, and ear candling.  I'm sure that together we can find the ones that work best for you.

Many people simply want the pleasure of a massage.  That is a given.  We all like that part, and I am glad to be of service!  We may need help with pain management,  physical therapy, improved circulation, boosting our immune system, and plenty of stress relief.  Of course, there are endless ways in which bodywork serves our physical health.

Bodywork can be so much more than massage.

My hope is to encourage an awareness of the body-mind connection.  Relaxing the tension in the body helps to open up the natural channels through which the life force (energy) flows.  It is the combination of body-energy work and education that i get the most satisfaction from.  It is great to watch people become more comfortable in their own skin.  Personal empowerment and well-being is my goal for all of my clients.  I love to help people feel better on all levels.  The more you love yourself the more you love others.  And then, we ALL benefit....

I am glad to see society becoming more acceptable of ancient healthcare methods that focus on taking care of ourselves, as well as our personal responsibility for our wellness.  To learn more about taking care feel free to take this self-assessment questionnaire.

No matter what your personal goal is with massage, you are bound to receive some of the many perks received from regular bodywork.  I like to think of it as a 'tune-up'.  Do people treat their cars better than their bodies?  If so, I would like to help change that.  Massage is maintenance that helps every aspect of ourselves function at a higher level.  The combination of your efforts and my bodywork can help you find balance - body, mind, and soul.

Pricing:  As mentioned, what you and I do will be custom-designed to your needs.  You can basically plan on spending $40 for 30 minutes, $70 for 60 minutes, and $100 for 90 minutes for most treatments in the studio.  There is an additional charge when i visit you.

My studio is located at 6339 Long Avenue, Shawnee, Kansas.  

Feel free to visit me on Facebook - Creating Sanctuary Body.