Creating Sanctuary is what I have to offer as a result of my life experiences.  The desire for sanctuary has certainly been fed by my strong connection with nature and a simultaneous search for the truth, but has always been fueled by my anxiety.  Instead of finding comfort in the mob, I have had a tendency to seek refuge.  My reclusiveness does not mean that I do not want people in my life.  Lets just say quality over quantity is my preference.   Maintaining a strong desire for self-knowledge and freedom, I have gone to considerable lengths to achieve both.  Over time it has become clear to me that my anxiety does not result from being with others, but from my thought process when I am with most.  Thus, it is up to me.  I am not trying to change others.  I am trying to find my way to live amongst them.

Basically all I have ever wanted was to live a simple life in harmony with nature.  I have not been one who was driven to climb any career or social ladders.  I live close to the earth - whether I am living in a forest by myself, or in a cottage in the city.  My connection with nature is at the heart of everything I do, have done, learned and taught.

My formal education includes several degrees in psychology and extensive coursework in education.  I was quite active in the self-help field during the 80's.  I then started my career as a psychotherapist and educator (including teaching college).  The system and I are just not a fit.  Instead of teaching i prefer to provide resources for folks to teach and help themselves.  I don't think there is a "way" for you to be.  I can provide encouragement if you choose to find your own way.

In addition to counseling and educating, I have considerable experience in business.  I provide bookkeeping services and consultations to help people simplify, organize, and improve their finances (money can certainly play a huge role in complicating our lives).  I have owned, managed, artistically rehabbed and landscaped many houses.  I have designed and built my own home on a vortex in the Ozark hills.  I have considerable experience in the arts and entertainment business.  I am, probably first and foremost, a gardener.

Additional lifelong interests and personal research include: natural living on all levels (back to the basics), health (food and nutrition, exercise, breath, sexuality, yoga, massage, reflexology), beauty & art of all kinds (nature, landscaping, floral design, music, dance, film), history, and the never-ending unexplained mysteries of life.  My interest in what makes people tick led me to psychology, but that was only a taste of human behavior.  I have always enjoyed learning from all kinds of cultures, the more primitive the better.