Peace of Mind Bookkeeping


More than once in my life, someone has commented that I do not fit the stereotypical image of a bookkeeper.  That is surely true, but not only am I good at accounting work, I enjoy it.  Unlike many endeavors in my life, with accounting I can see the fruits of my labor immediately.  No one else needs to approve or acknowledge my accomplishment.  When the books balance it is right there in front of me in black and white - satisfaction, a job well done, bravo.  Accounting is the kind of detail work that feeds a certain part me.  It is a puzzle that needs to be solved.  In this computer age where technology changes every day,,,, bookkeeping remains the same.  I love that.  A double-entry bookkeeping system was known to have been used as far back as 624 AD, and the one we use today goes back to the 1400's. There is a perfection to its design that requires no improvements.  If it works don't fix it.  Fits with my philosophy - keep it real and keep it simple.  Using my creativity, accounting and organizational skills, and psychology background, I help folks feel in control of their finances.  When people know what is going on with their money (business & personal) they feel much better about the rest of their life.

Bookkeeping was something that I drifted into after high school.  I worked for a variety of arts and entertainment businesses, and enjoyed the organizational aspects of office work.  While working part-time for a family friend, I was introduced to a CPA that appreciated who I was.  He encouraged me to take a few accounting classes and start my own business.  He could be my back-up and our joint efforts would be an asset for his clients.  I began working from home doing books for a variety of companies.  It ended up being a great job for me during my lengthy college years.  Once I received my graduate degree I pursued my psychotherapy career full time and left the bookkeeping behind, except for my own business pursuits.  I did a few accounting jobs during this time period for a major motion picture and a mini-series.  Several years back I returned to accounting by accident.  I was in transition, just moving back to KC, and an old friend needed some bookkeeping help.  I was thinking that i would help them out temporarily, and then return to psychotherapy.  I ended up seeing a different vision.

I realized that I could provide a greater psychological service by helping people get their base foundation of money in order.  Financial stressors loom over us with a powerful impact.  When I help you simplify your life on a financial level, to the point that you feel in control of your money, it reflects everywhere. Reducing financial stress gives you the opportunity to rise above the mundane.  Concerns over money have far more power than they deserve.  A small amount of time spent in the present can save you much time (and sleepless nights) in the future. 

I encourage clients to simplify their bookkeeping process as much as possible.  I will help you customize a system that covers the basics while giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.  A simple system, designed specifically for you, can change your life.  A top-notch bookkeeper is an important investment in your business.  Accurate accounting definitely increases your efficiency and productivity.  Quality recordkeeping will prevent costly mistakes.  Most importantly, when you know what is going on with your business, and you are confident that your financial records are in order, this gives you the freedom to focus on your business in the ways that you enjoy best.  In addition to peace of mind, my goal is to help clients save money and make money, not just take their money.  If I cannot help you and provide a service that we both feel good about, then I will not do the work.  I am an old-fashioned person that believes in honesty, integrity, and taking pride in my work.  I sincerely want to help you and your business be successful.  If I can teach you how to do your accounting that is great also.  You can use me as back-up.  My work can normally be completed via the phone, internet, and mail, but I also enjoy visits to my home office  in downtown Overland Park.

Knowing that your legal and financial needs are taken care of is very freeing.     It is comforting knowing that your affairs are in order.

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation, which give happiness".   Thomas Jefferson

Free yourself ...

jane harlow